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Who is Merritt Wuchina?

teacher, facilitator, and entrepreneur

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Merritt Wuchina has over 8 years of experience studying the human condition. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in English Writing and Anthropology and a certificate in Global Studies. Her career experience includes work as as an English teacher, caregiver, and facilitator in China, Washington, D.C., and Thailand. She currently is an education entrepreneur with Ms. Merritt micro-schooling.

Her lifetime fascination with cultures, language and development led her into the field of education and emergent & integral philosophies.

English Teacher in China

Merritt Wuchina began her journey in education in July 2013 when she moved to Yunnan, China to begin a two-year teaching fellowship with Teach For China(美丽中国) a part of the Teach for All network.

Teach for All's purpose is aimed at "developing collective leadership

to ensure all children can fulfill their potential." It sends its fellows to places where children lack education, support, and opportunity that they need to thrive. In rural China, less than 5% of students go on to university, compared with 80% of students in urban centers

Merritt worked alongside local teachers who taught through rote memorization, enacted strict discipline, and prepared students for rigorous standardized tests. The classrooms amenities varied and a quarter of the students boarded at the school.

In six months, Merritt adapted to a new language and culture. At first, she struggled with classroom management and connecting with her students. She persisted, and eventually reaped many of the rewards of being an educator:

  • Taught over 200 students who had never previously learned English. 
  • Served as a Grade Level chair to develop exams, curriculum, and webinars for other fellows. 
  • Led after-school programs in dance, expressive arts, and communication. 
  • Observed over two dozen students in their homes to better understand the challenges and joys of daily life. 

Through the connection with families, she improved her effectiveness as a teacher.

In her second year of teaching she:

  • Improved 3rd-grade class average scores by 133% with a 95% pass rate. 
  • Facilitated the exchange of English letters between 15 4th-graders and Mandarin students in North Carolina. 
  • Acquired grant funding and designed program structure for access to 20 English e-readers for boarding students. 

Working in China transformed her outlook on career and worldview. She hopes to release a book on these experiences within the next year.

Public School Teacher

After her fellowship in China, Merritt returned to the U.S to continue her career in education. She worked for DC Public Schools as a bilingual educator in grades Pre-K through 3rd grade, designing lessons aligned with Common Core and Tools of the Mind. She completed the Flamboyan Family Engagement Professional Development Training and served as head coach for Girls on the Run.

ESL teacher and Facilitator

After leaving teaching, Merritt worked as a charter school substitute, tutor and babysitter. She developed an ESL curriculum and taught students both virtually and in-person for the ACEE Group and Youth for Understanding.

In 2018, Teach for All Alumni Asia Pacific Educators Gathering selected her as a Session Facilitator for a workshop titled “Imagining Classroom Culture with Emergent Practices.":

When we lean into "what is emerging" in the space between ourselves and other individuals, we can develop new ideas and touch a field of possibilities that we can't discover on our own. This way of being in the world could radically change the way we think, act, and work in our daily lives.

...student of Self and entrepreneur

Merritt actively participates and studies methods and philosophies of groups such as the Evolutionary Collective Global, Waking Down in Mutuality, Trillium Awakening,and Integral. In these spaces, she and others practice methods of how to "be and become" in emergence, co-active learning, and developing emotional intelligence.

Merritt took her background in teaching, contracting, babysitting, tutoring, and self-study and built it into a complete educational experience known as Ms. Merritt. This 21st-century program is a full-on what she calls a "globally-minded," "intimate" and "pod-learning" education.

She intends that by sharing her experience in education and self-development work, possibilities and potentials will emerge for teachers, parents, and students to not just "do" but really "be" in the world the as whole human beings, ready for the challenges of the 21st-century.

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