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The Ms. Merritt

Micro-schooling Manifesto

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So far, the story of humanity has been a story of separation--less for you means more for me--and that happiness can be found through greater growth, advancement and having more things in life. But now we need to move into a whole new world and way of being, one in which we develop confidence and character as the sovereign individuated ‘me’ and learn to operate with the larger Collective of humanity from a higher sense of ‘We.’ The social technologies and human potentialities being explored and refined since the 1960s have matured to the point that a sense ‘We-ness’ can be experienced, felt and most importantly, taught. A whole new world full of ‘We-Spaces’ awaits..

As children, we do not see the barriers between Self and ‘other’ so distinctively. So why not learn from the place of non-separation at an early age before we are conditioned to believe otherwise? How do we do this?

We do it by trusting ourselves, trusting others, and trusting life itself…
...rather than forming those barriers, only to dismantle them later.

Trust is a teachable subject in our curriculum.

As children, when we look ‘out’ into the world, we are dreaming alive the positive qualities within us and mirroring the qualities of others we see around us. This is why the Parent’s Heart Circle is so important. When we learn to express our aliveness, we can transcend the limitations that society and culture place upon us. Information stored in the body comes forth from that point of aliveness, and can be expressed through the wisdom of innate knowing, rather than from conditioned response.

The world within becomes the world outside. It’s not out ‘to get us,’ -- we can learn that it’s actually working FOR us! And it’s so important for the human race that we learn this as early as possible.

We’re fearless in this state. We’re not conditioned to be afraid of certain things, and in that sense, certain people, and certain others who are not ourselves.

“But, I’m not always going to get along with I ?”

This is where the practices of Mutuality comes in. Tension and conflict naturally arise in life. In order to grow and have the truth revealed to us through those experiences, what matters most is how we step towards those experiences, rather than away from them. It’s one thing to conceptually say “we got it”; and it’s another thing to fully integrate and embody our experience.

Can we step towards these tensions and conflicts with courage, bravery, and a sense of knowing and trust?

Before we even learn to speak, we have a sense of fearlessness to do things that we didn't know we were supposed to be afraid of... It’s the only way we really grow.

Through trust, we can imagine a world where the child’s learning is…

  • Self-organizing based on the child’s interests and desires (expanded choice, creative exploration time in meaningful projects, and sharing our knowledge with the greater whole)
  • Engaging daily interaction with people from across the world who we otherwise would not have the chance to meet and learn from
  • Nourishing Mutuality with caregivers in a safe space of self-learning, growth, and connection with other caregivers, each developing personal interests, purpose and legacy at the same time

Trust in life is what matters most. When we establish trust in life itself, we are able to establish trust in ourselves and all others. We feel safe to be ourselves more and more fully and reveal our authentic expression to the world. That trust grows best when children are surrounded by parents, teachers, and peers who allow them to be who they are, who radically support their attempts; and who enthusiastically celebrate each small step along the way. We can teach children the power of trust.

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