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Moving Towards a New Definition of Success

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A unique way of education that focuses less on learning how to “do” and more on learning how to “be.

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We are at a critical time in human history. Fear, panic, and confusion spread more rapidly than a disease. To protect the collective safety and security of our children, schools around the world have closed their doors. We face collective uncertainty. Many parents and families feel at a loss of what to do for their children’s education as the year continues and beyond. The world is re-configuring the very building blocks of daily life as the familiar process of education becomes less stable, less predictable, less safe.

To meet these uncertain times, families find themselves reading out to neighbors and friends, and sharing their needs through new means of exchange, collaboration and collective learning.

They also have to find news ways to educate their children online. While here are many methods of learning online, face-to-face interaction with a teacher remains irreplaceable. However, these new technologies present possibilities of connection in ways we never could have predicted, like reaching understanding through sharing human values with people all over the planet.

When our school officially launched in September, we knew that humanity needed an upgrade, especially in our education system and the way we foster our children to learn and grow. We set out with the purpose to deliver and leave behind a set of tools and way of education which focuses on educating, enlivening and inspiring one heart at a time. The Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling way of education is designed to develop the skills our children will need to be successful in this complex new world.

But our definition of success isn’t about learning how to “do” so that one can “have” things in life. The unique way of education that we are developing is less about learning how to “do” than it is about learning how to “be.”

We hold that no one can “have” until they learn how to “do,” but in order to “do,” one must first learn how to “be”. Once we’ve learned how to be, then the next stage of inner inquiry for a more complete and whole human being is about “becoming.”

“Becoming” our wholeness

Think about when you were a child and an adult asked you:
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

You might have given a really clear answer. (“I want to be a doctor. A firefighter. A teacher. A dancer.”) Maybe you became that very thing. But more likely, you didn’t know. You were just answering to say something and feel accepted.

Perhaps, you just stated the obvious:

“When I grow up, I want to!”

Adults have well-intentioned questions, but they can sometimes be confusing for a child who resits fragmentation from wholeness. After all, what else can we be other than our authentic selves?

The real question they were asking was: “What are you going to do when you grow up?”

This question holds the hidden expectation that as children, we must start striving towards becoming individualized adults. We must prove ourselves worthy enough to reach our goals, hopes, and dreams by doing.

While “doing” is an important step to achieve certain skills, “becoming” is the step that is often missed. Present-day leaders, healers, makers, discoverers, and innovators, had to know themselves, be themselves, and express themselves before anything else. They needed to be held by a supportive network of others who embraced their unique gifts and talents. By allowing the child to “be” and “become,” he or she can blossom like a flower with the potential to become the best expression of his or her truest nature.

Becoming” is the step focused on what is emerging in the present moment, not what happened in the past or what might happen in the future. It holds the wisdom of “not knowing,” and acts with humility, grace, generosity, and compassion. In this way of learning, every heart matters.

Please consider joining us for a free, virtual event this month. The more and more we speak with you at our free events, the more and more we find out about how to deliver our own process, and what families and children are needing the most right now. Your presence enhances our presence, and we warmly welcome your questions, concerns, and ideas, and most of all, your Heart.

Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling will be hosting the next Open House this Saturday, April 11th. The session will be hosted Virtually using Zoom Web conferencing from 10:00 am — 11:00 am EST. Register at

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