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Introducing Virtual Global Tutoring

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Why should you consider hiring an online tutor for your child?

A virtual, global education could provide greater learning potentials

The problem(s):

Working as an in-home tutor for dozens of students from elementary to high school in reading, math, ESL, and foreign language, Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling’s founder, Merritt Wuchina, got an intimate look into the various reasons why people hire tutors for their children.

  • “My child ‘hates to read and write,’ and/or performs poorly on standardized exams”
  • “My child is just doing the work to ‘get through’ and not truly learning, becoming, and integrating their education”
  • “My child works hard at school but is still developmentally behind his/her peers because of an age difference or a learning disability”
  • We have hired numerous tutors but none of them stick around long enough to build a relationship with the child to really foster the whole-child development they need to feel successful”

Sometimes, the reasons are more practical or positive.

  • "We want our son or daughter to have extra enrichment to develop and refine their interests"
  • "We have recently relocated and are realizing that our son or daughter needs support in developing second language skills to function in the culture and society of their new home"

What We Offer:

  • Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling will design a comprehensive student-learning plan that can help your child reach the place they need to be in reading and writing by the end of the school year

(View a sample student-learning plan here.)

  • Post-lesson updates on the concepts, successes, challenges, points of growth, and ways to practice

Why This Offering?

1. Online & Global


The only difference in global tutoring from an in-person lesson is that we’ll be interfacing through the screen through an interactive online live video platform. That’s it.


The same energy, the same love of learning, the same “spark,” is all brought to the table. Via the online platform, the child will be able to see and be with their teacher in new and exciting ways via shared screens for reading materials and use a whiteboard to draw, write, and correct work simultaneously.

Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling doesn’t believe in digital learning that replaces face-to-face interaction. There is magic in the possibility of seeing a teacher behind the screen, interacting in real-time from remote locations around the world. A favorite childhood hero, Mr. Rogers used to say:

 “The space between the television set and the viewer is holy ground.”

He dedicated his life to creating a children’s program that sought to plant the seeds of virtue, empathy, imagination, and compassion versus entertaining, distracting, and diluting the young viewer. Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling aligns with these values.

We’ll be offering this innovative approach to learning from the beautiful landscapes of South East Asia (e.g. Thailand, China, Vietnam, etc.) and Europe (e.g. France, England, Italy, etc.). Students will get to check out “the world out there” from the place of wherever our teachers sit down that day to hold the lesson, whether it be inside a famous museum or architectural treasure, or outdoors at an interesting destination worth learning about.



We’ll be offering this innovative approach to learning from the beautiful landscapes of South East Asia (e.g. Thailand, China, Vietnam, etc.) and Europe (e.g. France, England, Italy, etc.). Students will get to check out “the world out there” from the place of wherever our teachers sit down that day to hold the lesson, whether it be inside a famous museum or architectural treasure, or outdoors at an interesting destination worth learning about.

The potentials of this method of tutoring excite our teachers, investors and adopter institutions. For example, imagine a 3rd grader who just read a short story about Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths. In order to really metabolize the meaning of the text, he or she would need to have background information about culture and context. The very next day, the student gets on a call with their teacher at Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling, hears chimes of a faraway temple calling locals to meditation, and watches monk children, maybe just their age, walking barefoot in the streets to beg for food. Such a stimulating experience is bound to spark many questions.


Virtual Global Tutoring (VGT) with a live-teacher opens up a whole new way of learning for humanity. And potential students who experience this new method aren’t going to get glimpses like this from anyone else in day-to-day life or at school, nor this kind of one-on-one attention.

2. Qualified, professional, and personal teachers

The groundbreaking teaching method of Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling is the result of the founder’s own search for personal liberation, enlightenment, and discovery. After several years of inner core work on herself through the practices of Waking Down in Mutuality and Trillium Awakening combined with the burgeoning collective field of “We-Space” mind-body practices emerging around the world, she discovered and developed a new way of teaching which combines tried and true methods of teaching with innovative methods that seek to prepare our children to meet the needs of the ever-complex global world they will face.

Teachers at Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling participate in this same caliber of self-work and are required to attain teaching certifications at Ms. Merritt’s Micro-schooling Teacher’s Academy and work together with other teachers on a monthly basis to expand their mastery and adeptness in the practices of holding other’s feelings, deep listening, and leading group mutuality “sittings” — the key differentiation of this micro-school. This method of teaching is so unique that it can never be reproduced by another school, but its results will lead to humans that others want to copy and are deeply affected by.

The founder’s experience and transmission of this new way of being together will pave the way for a trained core of teachers who have the potential to influence other schools and teachers around the world, thereby causing a shift in the field of education towards the Heart.

3. Affordable and Alternative Pricing to Suit Your Needs

The cost of Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling VGT is similar to what someone would pay at a tutoring agency or if they hired a private tutor. However, prices are not based solely on profit, but on three core principals: inclusion, affordability, and generosity. An alternative currency called the DanaChip or is used to set each customer’s individual price.

This a critical time in human history to innovate and re-structure the delivery and pricing methods of schooling for families. Accessibility of quality schooling and “childcare for all” needs to be made a top priority, and Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling is a complete and viable solution to consider.

Three reasons why:

  1. Childcare costs are higher than ever — up by 2,000% in the past 40 years
  2. The greatest determinant for a student’s success in school is the zip code within which he or she lives — putting students in low-income areas at risk
  3. The urgency to find new ways of being together and metabolizing information as a global village is necessary to prevent the threat of human extinction.

We believe these values of inclusion, affordability, and generosity will make the families who attend or hire Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling consider how services can benefit both themselves and others in a more complete way.

Dana’ means ‘generosity’ in the Pali language. It is not just payment for services but a payment given from the heart, in support of the greater collective. Thanks to the unique application of this alternative currency, a suggested ‘fair-share’ is calculated for each customer that ‘right-sizes’ the price with their household income and the quality of services provided. The final price is balanced with the minimum costs to provide these services.

In the future, programs will be introduced which allow families to earn, trade and exchange DanaChips to help offset and lower their costs of education at Ms. Merritt Micro-schooling.

There are three simple steps to determine an individual’s DanaChip value:

1) set your individual value [input the household income]

2) select your level of giving [self-support, sustain, or thrive]

3) use the formula to calculate your price

You can learn how to determine your Dana Chip Value using our calculator.


Virtual Global Tutoring Prices:

$60 an hour = Hourly Tutoring on-demand

Package prices

$324 = 6 sessions ($54 an hour = 10% off hourly rate)

$459 = 8 sessions ($51 an hour = 15% off hourly rate)

$576 = 12 session ($48 an hour = 20% off hourly rate)


25% is non-refundable up to the first quarter session

50% is non-refundable up to the second-quarter

100% is non-refundable by the last session

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