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August Offerings

Free Child Activities / Form your Own Pod / Parents’ Gathering

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Is this you?

You feel:

...dissatisfied with remote learning options

...curious about “pods” and want to learn how to form your own

...feel empowered to direct and accompany your child’s learning at your own pace

...see the need for structure and guidelines as humanity creates a ‘new way of being together’ that upholds individual and group clarity and integrity

How we accompany your vision:

...perform curated events which bring pods of students and parents together

...create experiences of quality remote learning to engage and develop your child

...facilitate circles of heart-centered dialogue, listening, and deep understanding and plan governance structure for self-organized at-home school systems


1. Per-request: Free Consultation

2. Virtual Global Tutoring

(Live from Europe in English, French, 3rd grade Spanish and 3rd grade Chinese)

3. Parent’s Heart Circle (a curated pod of parents, supporting each other’s journey)

8-week Fall Semester Pod Outline

The theme of this camp is “What do we call a ‘Home’?

We will:

+ visit homes from countries around the world

+ discuss the meaning of a ‘home’ and what makes a home unique

+ draw, write, and describe or own, or ideal, homes

+ engage with friends about our homes and share what we learn

By the end of camp, students will be able to communicate what ‘home’ means to them in written format and with their peers. Each day they will be developing one of the twenty-one globally recognized virtues common among all cultures (not just talking about them!) and share their findings with family and friends.


Each day will include an activity based on one of the Petals of the ‘7 Petals School.'

Daily reading and writing will be based on Common Core State Standards and rigorous texts.


Course Outline:

Day 1: Physical & Kinetic Development

-let’s dance

Day 2: Articulated & Cognitive Development

-logic puzzles

Day 3: Social Multicultural Development

-ancestors and family

Day 4: Aesthetic Development

-creating a drawing for our home

Day 5: Ecological Development

-plants in our local region and recognition of the 5 elements of existence

Day 6: Hands On Development

-community service

Day 7: Personal Development

-intuitive memory meditation

Day 8: What do we call a ‘Home?’ - sharing circle


Field Trips

Care packages (individualized box of gifts sent direct from teaching locations)

Daily Movement (integrating body and mind)

Circling Share (discovering “mutuality” as a new way of dialogue for the 21st century)

Meditations (Wisdom practices of wholefulness and humility to establish and stabilize virtues of the heart)

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