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  • Educating the Heart of Humanity

    Ms. Merritt

    Micro-schooling Services

  • A globally-minded, intimate education. In your home. For your kids.

    ~ Ms. Merritt

  • online virtual learning program

    Virtual Global Tutoring

    online, global, professional teachers for grades k-12 at prices suited for your needs

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  • Is your child truly learning, integrating, becoming their education or is he or she simply doing the work... to get through?

    Ms. Merritt can help...

    Our promise is to...

    • provide supplemental dedicated support for your child in a micro-schooling format - with mixed aged peers in pod-learning groups


    • develop a program and schedule for your child to begin learning at home


    • support your child's needs to achieve his or her full potential for the 21st century
  • Does your child “hate to read and write” or perform poorly on standardized exams?

    Let's team up for that...

    Our team...


    • helps your child reach his or her potential in reading, writing, and social/emotional development.
    • supports the development of your child’s individually identified needs to thrive as a balanced human being in an ever-changing and complex world AND perform according to the standards they need to succeed at school.



  • Does your child need support in developing second language skills to function in the culture and society of a target country?

    Ms. Merritt offers language and culture development in English, Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese.

  • Our Philosophy

    Educating students one heart at a time...

    Creating the World Our Hearts Know is Possible

    As our world becomes more technologically advanced, we are dedicated to working with students to develop their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. It imperative for the coming generation of 21st-century learners, leaders, thinkers, and doers to be able to face the very human challenges of life.


    Our aim is to help students perform according to certain standards that are required of them for passing class and achieving academic success, but ultimately we are concerned with taking coursework deeper into the artful education of the child and his or her development of a full, whole and integrated sense of self.


    In collaboration with Meditate Everywhere LLC, Ms. Merritt operates from the work developed by Daniel P. Brown, Ph.D and his Attachment Project on child and human development and attachment theory.

    Intimate and Personal Micro-schooling

    Working in the home is a more intimate space than a classroom, and we work in a way that is heartful, authentic, self-reflective and in mutuality when communicating with the child and parent.


    Cultural Global Tutoring

    Cultural and language learning of a higher caliber. Your child will not only learn the grammar used in life, culture, and society of a second language but most importantly, how to function in real life as if they were a dual citizen in that target language. This is if you or your child already has two years of language study and wishes to take it to the next level. This is not for complete beginners, this is for students who want to become the language and culture.

  • 4 simple steps


    Hire me to come to your home and teach today!



    Tell me when and where.



    All you need to know.



    I'll come to your home



    You work, run errands.
    I'll take care of the rest.

  • Our methodology

    How to be and how to become...

    Co-active learning

    Co-Active Learning

    Being together, in action

    Balancing "being" who they are, with "doing," what needs to get done

    Emergent learning


    What is present here?

    Following natural curiosity and coming alive and awake to the present moment

    Study skills for the 21st century

    Teaching How to Learn

    Study skills for the 21st century

    Using technology, and in-home resources to discover answers to lines of inquiry driven by child's natural curiosity

    Emotional intellegence

    Emotional Intelligence

    Interpersonal relations and empathy

    One of the seven skills needed to thrive in the world ahead

  • Our Teachers

    We've got a top notch team!

    Merritt Wuchina


    Merritt has 6 years of ESL and Elementary teaching experience in the U.S. and abroad, in public, charter and private schools. She speaks Spanish and Chinese with conversational fluency and is happy to support students seeking support in areas of language development.


    We're hiring

    We are hiring qualified staff. Please write us a letter to apply.


    Email us here

  • What clients are saying

    Ms. Merritt is...

  • Merritt Wuchina is a unique and talented caregiver. She has been watching my four-year-old son intermittently for about a year. She is caring and firm and speaks to him respectfully using vocabulary that is stimulating and challenging that he is able to understand and relate to. She takes him interesting places and allows him to lead the activities while imbuing their time together with interesting and educational content. I have been so pleased with her at every level and my son just adores her. I highly recommend her services as a caregiver and tutor and am happy to sing her praises to any potential client of hers. Thank you Merritt! We love you!​

    ~Carmelle, Silver Spring, parent of child age 4

  • You’re the best tutor for a working mom!

    ~ parent of child age 10, Potomac, MD

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    So far, the story of humanity has been a story of separation--less for you means more for me--and that happiness can be found through greater growth, advancement and having more things in life. But now we need to move into a whole new world and way of being, one in which we develop confidence and...
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    A unique way of education that focuses less on learning how to “do” and more on learning how to “be. We are at a critical time in human history. Fear, panic, and confusion spread more rapidly than a disease. To protect the collective safety and security of our children, schools around the...
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